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Robot 2.0 review

Robot 2.0 Review: Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s sci-fi action film is a visual treat But…

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Robot 2.0 review: Rajinikanth-Akshay’s sci-fi action film is a visual treat but

Robot 2.0 review: It’s that time of the year when fans line up outside theatres early in the morning to be the first one to catch the first look of a Thalaiva film. The madness will finally begin! 2.0 is one film that fans have been desperately waiting for. I vividly remember attending the launch of the first look in 2016 and listening to Rajinikanth speak LIVE! Everything about this film was grand and so were my expectations. Now, before I get into what I did not like about the film, let me tell you everything that I loved about it. This is the first Indian film that has been shot in 3D and it has been done wonderfully. The film was delayed to ensure that the VFX is top notch and it is much better than anything I have seen this year.


It’s visually pleasing to the eyes, especially when you watch it in 3D. The action sequences are a sight for sore eyes and satisfaction for the South Indian heart that loves these masala fight scenes in films. Akshay Kumar has outdone himself in the second half and deserves a lot of credit for it. His character has a very strong back story that a lot of you will relate but sadly, it has not been written so well as to develop his character into something more interesting. Not to mention, Amy Jackson is also one of the good and entertaining characters in the film. The first half of the movie will leave you saying ‘What the hell is happening?’ and ‘WTF’ multiple times but the second half makes up for the dud show that the first half is.

robot 2_0

I was expecting a thunderous entry for Chitti but it was quite lukewarm. I literally gave up hope after the first half but Khiladi Kumar changed it for me completely after the interval. In fact, the second half is also when you get to see different shades of Rajinikanth as the robot. His showdown with Akshay is also worth a watch. The film has a very good message pertaining to how excessive use of mobile phones emits harmful radiations that affect the birds in our vicinity. It’s such a brilliant message to put out there but it has been written so poorly. Lack of research, lack of good writing and a confusing first half are where the film will lose marks, if you ask me.


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The first half is mainly confusing because the makers have shown strange events occurring randomly and repetitively (For example, the phones flying in the air and then disappearing) but as viewers, we have no idea what’s causing all of this. And we would have still watched the film with curiosity had the editing not been so abrupt; so much that you are unable to draw connections to the previous scenes of the film.

Robot 2.0 review

Speaking about the boring first half, one of the main reasons why I am majorly disappointed in it is because the first scene of the film has you on the edge of your seats. The first scene makes you feel that you’re in for a roller coaster ride but then it turns into one of those dashing cars game at Essel World ‘jahaa aap dhakke kha rahe ho’, if you know what I mean. My sister and I joked about how the film should ideally get 2.0 stars and I was quite serious about giving it that rating but it deserves another point for the brilliant VFX and visual presentation.

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Verdict (Robot 2.0 review)

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 starts off on an interesting note but then takes a massive dip into boredom and confusion only to rise up again and entertain us. It’s a one-time watch purely for Thalaiva and the VFX. It’s a visual treat you cannot miss for the world. Not to mention, the message that the makers are trying to convey through this fiml is quite an important one.

Ratings: 3 out of 5 (Robot 2.0 review)

Review by: Anusha Iyengar (Robot 2.0 review)

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