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Unique Strange Ganesh idols

7 Most Unique and Strange Ganesh Idols 2018 you must visit

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7 Most Unique and Strange Ganesh Idols 2018 you must visit

Unique Strange Ganesh idols:   As 11 days Ganesh Chaturthi has begin devotees have started visiting Ganesh Pandals. There are thousands of Ganesh pandals in Mumbai. One cannot visit even 10% of all pandals even if he roams around Mumbai for all 11 Days.

There is a tough competition among Pandals to make bigger and Strange Ganesh idols every year. In order to attract maximum visitors to Their Pandals, Every Mandals try to make their Ganesha Something Unique to others.

Here we look at 7 most Unique and strange Ganesh Idols of 2017 (Unique Strange Ganesh idols)

1 Giant size of Lord Ganesha idol made up of vegetables can be seen on the first day of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Chennai

Unique Strange Ganesh idol vegetables


2 In this photo a 153 feet idol of Lord Ganesha, claimed to be the biggest in India, in a Ganesh Pandal can be seen on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in Surat

Unique Strange Ganesh idol surat

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3 A 75 kg “Kozhukattai” was offered to lord Vinayaka at Rock Fort temple in Tiruchirappalli. In Madurai a kozhukattai made from 18 measures of rice and jaggery was offered to Mukkurini Ganesha at Sri Meenakshi temple here. Various organizations had put up Vinayaka idols on the roadside as part of Chathurthi festival.

Here you can see a black Gorilla lifting small Ganesha idol at Bangalore city

Unique Strange Ganesh idols


4 This one is from Hyderabad. This Large Ganesh idols was captured while passing the Moazzamjahi Market from the Old City of Hyderabad on Friday at the Hussain Sagar Lake

unique ganesh idol

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5 An artist making an ‘eco-friendly’ Ganesh idol with rice in Thane. this one is small one but due ti unique effort it is also in our list of 7 Most Unique and Strange Ganesh Idols 2018

ganesh idol of rice unique


6 Devotess offer prayers before a giant Ganesha idol, claimed to be one of the tallest such idols in Asia, on the occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi at Puliyakulam Ganapathy temple in Coimbatore

biggest ganesh idol asia

7 This is standing Ganesha with 6 packs abs. Place of this Ganesha is still unknown to us. This image is received by us through one of Facebook post and it is found out to be one of the 7 unique idols

tallest ganesh idol

Credit: www.financialexpress.com (Unique Strange Ganesh idols)

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